New Agricultural Weed Control Mat

Payment Type: L/C,T/T
Incoterm: FOB,CIF
Min. Order: 50 Meter
Delivery Time: 15 Days

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Productivity: 100000m

Brand: fengyisheng

Transportation: Ocean

Place of Origin: yangzhou

Certificate: ISO9001

Port: Shanghai

Product Description

How to choose grass proof cloth?
1. It can be roughly identified by the naked eye. If you want to accurately identify the gardening straw proof cloth, you need to detect it. If it can be tested, it is generally required to test its appearance quality (with or without broken wires, length and width, weight, cleanliness, sewing quality, diameter and weft, etc.), tensile load (radial and latitudinal, seam edge and seam bottom direction), drop test, heat resistance, health performance, etc.
2. We can also use our hands to rub hard. If there is no wrinkle on the surface after flattening and the quality is good, the hand feel is brittle. We can also look at the thickness, density, and pull to see the strength. The pull off force of the gardening straw proof cloth containing recycled materials is obviously low. If we add the second material, the relative pull off force will be lower.
3. The elongation at break is not stable, and the decrease of elongation varies with the amount of recycled material added. The brittleness of recycled material gardening grass cloth is obviously increased, especially the brittleness at low temperature is worse, the impact resistance is decreased, the electrical insulation is decreased, the aging degree is increased, and the speed is accelerated. We can shake it again to see if there are any debris. The last thing is the smell. Smell it.
4. Recycled plastic gardening straw proof cloth is made of waste plastics and industrial wastes. Most of the colors are turbid, with poor hand feel and strong plastic smell (bad smell). At the same time, the price of new materials is relatively high, which is not suitable for the packaging of disposable goods. If the price is high, it will increase the product cost. For some builders, the gardening straw proof cloth made of two materials is undoubtedly a good choice. After all, it is not used to contain food, and will not cause harm to people.

The single-layer polyester fiber grass control cloth produced by our company adopts the special technology of high-quality raw materials, the cloth surface is rigid and flat, and has good strength and water permeability, which has obvious effect on weed control and is more durable.

Needled nonwoven polyester

The function and application of grass cloth
1. The weeding cloth can prevent weeds from generating on the ground and prevent direct sunlight from shining on the ground. At the same time, it can prevent weeds from passing through the weeding cloth with its own strong structure, so as to ensure the inhibition effect of weeding cloth on the growth of weeds.
2. it can permeate rainwater and promote the absorption of water by fruit trees. The stone layer and medium sand layer under the weeding cloth can effectively inhibit the infiltration of soil particles, thus ensuring the cleanness of the ground surface and protecting the soil moisture.
3. The production principle of promoting the growth of the root of fruit trees and preventing the rot of fruit trees and eradicating the grass cloth is the warp and weft weave structure, which can ensure the air permeability of the root of crops, make the air of the root have a certain fluidity, thus preventing the root of fruit trees from rotting.
4. To prevent the breeding and reproduction of diseases and insect pests, the weeding cloth is made of polypropylene flat wire or polyethylene flat wire. The material itself is resistant to corrosion and insect bite. The product is laid close to the ground to prevent the breeding activities of insects and rats and reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests in the orchard.
5. Reduce the cost of weeding. The normal service life of the common material weeding cloth orchard is 2-3 years, and the investment of 240 yuan per mu is about 3 years without weeds. The normal service life of the better material weeding cloth orchard is 3-5 years, and the investment of 320 yuan per mu can ensure that the orchard is 5 years without weeds, which greatly saves the labor cost. Six. The weeds are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, aging resistant, and degradable.

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