White Raw Materials Nonwoven Fabric

Payment Type: L/C,T/T,D/P
Min. Order: 1000 Roll
Delivery Time: 10 Days

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Packaging: Carton

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When the old asphalt pavement is slotted and planed to fill and spread the new asphalt concrete, the joints between the new and the old asphalt concrete are difficult to bond effectively.This kind of construction joint will cause the rainwater to infiltrate into the interlayer and the base layer quickly. After the seepage, the water will enter into the road interior. Under the action of running load and rain erosion, it will aggravate the damage of the road, which is one of the most important reasons affecting the life of the refurbished road project.

Applying waterproof facade stick to wash after the plane of the asphalt concrete vertical plane, after being in a new asphalt concrete, after hot melt of asphalt concrete and extrusion, waterproof facade stick part of the polymer melt into the new and the old asphalt concrete small pore Spaces, part in juncture place, in the protection of the joint parts of closed water at the same time, the bond between new and old asphalt concrete is guaranteed, the vertical plane of asphalt concrete pavement and form a continuous system, raise the service life of the road.

(1) According to the depth of grooving or washing planing, select the required width of the road with waterproof facade paste.
(2) Brush the old asphalt concrete facade after milling with a steel brush to remove floating dust particles.
(3) It is suggested that the milling facade of asphalt concrete be sprinkled synchronously with the base course emulsified asphalt.
(4) Develop the road along the milling facade with waterproof facade paste, tear off the isolation film on one side, press and stick the waterproof facade paste on the facade.
(5) Beat the waterproof facade with a rubber or wood hammer evenly along the surface of the waterproof facade to enhance the adhesion between the road waterproof facade and the old asphalt concrete facade.
(6) In case of two roads, use waterproof facade to attach and lap, and the length of lap is suggested to be 3~5cm.
(7) Before paving asphalt mixture, tear off the outer isolation film.
When the facade is wet, construction is strictly prohibited.

White Non-woven Fabric

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